Month: February 2015

University of Canterbury MSc Scholarship in Conservation Entomology

The University of Canterbury is offering a MSc Scholarship for a position looking at the endangered endemic grasshopper Brachaspis robustus. They are seeking a keen, competent and enthusiastic student to work with Canterbury University, the Department of Conservation and Environment Canterbury to test the importance of predation and disturbance on grasshopper survival and population growth. This project will combine ecological and behavioural field studies to monitor the outcome of the first ever translocation of the species to a predator-reduced habitat, and could be expanded to include a population genetics component. The outcomes will be used to provide recommendations on a set of management actions that can be implemented by DoC in the long-term recovery strategy for all populations of this species.

This project is ideal for a student with a passion for ecology & conservation of native species, wildlife management or insect ecology & behaviour. Applicants should hold a BSc, BSc (Hons) or equivalent Postgraduate Diploma in Science in biology, ecology, conservation, wildlife management or similar. The substantial field component of the project necessitates a full driver’s licence & competence & enthusiasm for working in the outdoors.

The scholarship covers domestic student fees for up to 2 years and research costs. A start date of March 2015 is preferred, but will consider applicants for a later start date, no later than March 2016.

A fuller description of the project is available here. Please contact Dr Tara Murray for application information (