K.J. Fox Awards

Dr K.J. Fox was the society’s first ‘amateur’ Vice President.  Following his death in 1985, a memorial fund was established to provide grants to assist ‘amateur’ (non-funded) members of the society to attend the annual conference.  The first awards were made in 1988.

Applications for these awards are called for with the pre-conference newsletter, and the closing date is the same as that for conference registrations.  A committee reviews the applications and applicants are notified as to whether they have been successful, and how much they have been awarded, in advance of the conference.  In making awards, the committee takes into account the applicants’ financial situation, and the likely benefits, both to the applicants and the society, from their attendance.  As many awards as possible are made, but not necessarily for the same amount, as distance travelled is taken into account.  Payment is made to successful applicants at the conference. These awards are available to current members of the Entomological Society of New Zealand only.

Applications should be made using this form.