Auckland branch annual program

2015 Programme

MAY Thursday 28th–7:30 pm
Ross Galbreath“How did 11-spotted ladybird arrive in New Zealand? Was it deliberately released or did it hitch a ride?”
Ross, a professional historian and an entomologist has investigated the mystery of this ladybird’s arrival in New Zealand

JUNE Thursday 25th–7:30 pm
Leilani Walker“King of the hill: Male competition in New Zealand sheet-web spiders (Cambridgea foliata)”
Exaggerated male  weaponry occurs in a wide range of taxa and is generally credited to sexual selection. Do the enlarged male chelicerae help win the lady?

JULY Thursday 23rd–7:30 pm
Monica Hughes“Hitch-hikers on New Zealand’s insects: a peek into the mysterious lives of Laboulbeniales”

AUGUST Thursday 27th–7:30 pm
Olwyn Green“Insect Movies”
Scavenged from the internet.

SEPTEMBER Thursday 24th–7:30 pm
Bryce McQuillan“Insect photography”
Come and learn some of the secrets of a master of the art.

SEPTEMBER Sunday 27th–10:00 am
Field trip: A hunt for peripatus in the wild west.
Meet at Huia Store. Bring lunch.
Leader: Grace Hall, phone: 574 4107

OCTOBER Thursday 15th–7:00 pm
Annual dinner Venue: West Wind Theatre Restaurant, 177 Riversdale Road, Avondale. Cost: $25/head (BYO).
This year a prize will be awarded to the best insect photograph.
Please book with Grace Hall (574 4107) by 1st October.

OCTOBER Sunday 25th–10:00 am
Field trip: Wenderholm Regional Park. Insect hunting to the song of Tui’s in the kowhai flowers.
Meet in the main car park near the information board. Bring lunch.
Leader: Nicholas Martin, phone: 579 8632.

NOVEMBER Sunday 22nd–8:00 pm
Field trip: Light Trapping at Mt Donald McLean.
Meet at the Mt Donald McLean car park, (right fork off the Whatipu Rd).
Leader: Robert Hoare, phone (work): 574 4112

NOVEMBER Thursday 26th–7:00 pm
Nicholas Martin“Native Scaptomyza (Drosophilidae): flies on the cusp of herbivory”
Nicholas will give a talk about the trials and tribulations of developing rearing methods for these flies. Retirement is such fun!

2016 Programme

FEBRUARY, Thursday 25th–7:30 pm
Annual General Meeting
To be held at Landcare Research, Tamaki Campus.
Bring along your ideas for next year’s programme.
Formal meeting is followed by member’s photographs.

FEBRUARY, Sunday 21st–10:00 am
Field trip: Waitakere Ranges; Joint meeting with the Botanical Society
Track and meeting place details will be provided closer to the date.
Bring lunch.
Leader: Sandra Jones, Contact: Ewen Cameron, work phone: 306 7060

MARCH, Thursday 27th–7:30 pm
Robert Hoare“Insect fakes and mistakes: disaster, disappointment and deception in the world of entomology.”.

MARCH, Sunday 27th–10:00 am
Field trip: Giraffe Weevils Galore.
Meet: Matuku car park. Bring lunch
Leader: Greg Holwell.

General Information

Evening Meetings

Meetings are held on the Tamaki Campus of the University Auckland in the Landcare Research building, which is at 231 Morrin Road and by the third entrance into the University campus along Morrin road.

Parking is available on the road and in the car park. Doors will be open from 7:20 to 7:40 pm.

Tea and coffee at 50c. Visitors welcome. Please bring along for our display table any interesting specimens or photos you have found.

Field Trips

When participating in field trips, please bring:

  • Boots or strong footwear
  • Raincoat or warm clothing, sun hat
  • Lunch, drink (or suitable snack)
  • Collecting gear if desired
  • Pencil and paper
  • Torch (working)
  • Insect repellent
  • Whistle
  • Map of area

Car pooling: If you wish to go on a field trip and want to travel with someone else, contact the leader of the field trip who will try and find someone to take you.


Events in this programme are liable to alteration without notice. Please check with a committee member if you wish to confirm a topic or field trip. In the event of doubtful weather conditions for field trips, contact the trip leader.