Tools and Resources

1. Geography


Find coordinates of geographic place names in NZ: Click here.

Convert between the coordinate systems used in NZ: Click here.

New Zealand topographic maps online: Click here.

Download and/or purchase NZ geographic data, maps, aerial photos, etc: Click here

Shapefile of NZ area “Crosby” codes for recording specimen localities: Click here

2. Land

DOC maps and geospatial services: Click here.

DoC permits: Information on low- and high-impact collecting permits: Click here.

Land Environments of New Zealand (LENZ) database (Leathwick et al. 2003): Click here.

Terralink: High-resolution spatial imagery and land ownership information: Click here.

Landcare Research. List of databases: Click here.

3. Environment and Atmosphere

Land use change Motu Economic & Public Policy Research Institute is currently compiling a database to build an empirically based economic model of land use change in New Zealand: Click here.

Land and soil resources Integrated series of databases, including the New Zealand Land Resource Inventory (NZLRI), the National Soils Database (NSD) and derivatives including Fundamental Soil Layers (FSL), digital soil maps, and other spatial databases including S-Map, a new Cooperative Soils Information System for spatial analysis of soils: Click here.

Ross Sea Region GIS An on-line GIS containing soils, topographic data and 125m satellite imagery for the Ross Sea Region of Antarctica: Click here.

Climate Climate surfaces for New Zealand (Leathwick et al. 2002): Click here.

The National Climate Database (CliDB) at NIWA is New Zealand’s national repository of high-quality climate data (back to 1852): Click here.

4. New Zealand Flora

New Zealand Plant Conservation Network (NZPCN): Click here.

Flora of New Zealand online: Click here.

National Vegetation Survey (NVS) database of indigenous and exotic plants in ca 94,000 vegetation survey plots: Click here.

Nga Tipu Aotearoa – New Zealand Plants. Allan Herbarium collection database and literature search Click here.

Fungi and Microorganisms New Zealand Fungi database (NZFUNGI) with all major groups of non-lichenised fungi represented. Includes information relating to taxonomy and plant pathology.International Collection of Micro-organisms from Plants (ICMP) – cultures of the world’s bacterial and fungal plant pathogens and of other micro-organisms closely associated with plants: Click here.

5. Biodiversity Resources and Distribution

Biodiversity resources Internet portal to biodiversity resources in New Zealand: Click here.

Global recording network Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF): Click here.
(see also the GBIF dataportal)

Local recording network NZ Biodiversity Recording Network: a web-based online data storage and retrieval system for public and non voucher or non plot based institutional input of observations and records: Click here.

Distributional mapping Web-based GIS and dynamically generated distribution
maps of New Zealand biota (TFBIS project 62): make distribution maps of New Zealand plants, lichens and fungi, based on observations and specimens held in the National Vegetation Survey (NVS) databank, and plant, lichen and fungi collection databases held by Landcare Research, easily accessible to the public, via the internet, free of charge (Contact: Jerry Cooper, Landcare Research): Click here.

6. Taxon Records, Synopses and Keys

Terrestrial invertebrates Keys and specimen record databases to a wide range of terrestrial invertebrate groups, including Acari, Araneae, Coleoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Onychophora, as well as a BioControl
Voucher Collection, the curation status of specimen holdings in New Zealand, and educational resources including ‘Insects & Spiders of New Zealand’, and ‘What is this bug? A guide to common invertebrates’: Click here.

Image gallery of NZ weevil genera: Click here.

Cicadas Virtual Identification to New Zealand Cicadas: Click here.

Formicidae NZ Ants: Click here.

Orthoptera New Zealand grasshoppers: Click here.

WetaGeta: A comprehensive guide to New Zealand Orthoptera: Click here.

Terrestrial invertebrates of biosecurity concern Landcare Research, biosecurity research on invertebrates, including important keys to the ants and mosquitoes of NZ: Click here.

A Global Invasive Species Database, developed by the IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) as a global initiative on invasive species led by the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP): Click here.

MAF watchlist of pests and diseases: Click here.

Invertebrates of human health concern: Click here.

Digital key to insect pests of pipfruit and stonefruit: Click here.

Aphidwatch provides aphid flight records, virus forcasts and other aphid information to New Zealand farmers and growers: Click here.

A guide to willow sawflies: Click here.

Insects and mites on New Zealand native plants: Click here.

Forestry plantation wildlife, including insects: Click here.

The ENSIS ‘BUGS’ database (not to be confused with the BUGS bibliography) contains information about all wood and bark boring insects intercepted at New Zealand’s border from 1948 and 1999, and supplementary information about fungi and egg masses intercepted between 1996 and 2000: Click here.

The Resistant Pest Database: database of arthropods resistant to pesticides: Click here.

Earthworms Information on earthworms, particularly in agriculture: Click here.

Nematodes National Nematode Collection of New Zealand (NNCNZ): Click here.

Soil invertebrates Identification key and colour images for groups of New Zealand soil invertebrates: Click here.

Terrestrial amphipods Specimen record database to terrestrial amphipods
(TFBIS project 56). Contact: Richard Webber, Te Papa: Click here.

Insect-herbivore associations Plant-SyNZ—a comprehensive plant and herbivore association database: Click here.

Molluscs Database and keys to terrestrial and freshwater molluscs (TFBIS project 51). Contact: Bruce Marshall, Te Papa: Click here.

Freshwater invertebrate database NIWA Freshwater Biodata Information System (FBIS),
containing fish, algae, aquatic plant and invertebrate data and metadata gathered from New Zealand’s freshwater streams, rivers and lakes: Click here.

Freshwater invertebrate guides NIWA Biodiversity of New Zealand Freshwater
Organisms, including invertebrate species checklists and identification guides: Click here.

A web-based searchable database of life history, physiological and habitat characteristics of New Zealand stream macro invertebrates (TFBIS project 170). Contact: NIWA: Click here.

Images of freshwater invertebrates CD of images of freshwater invertebrates: Click here.

DNA sequence data GenBank, the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences (search by gene sequence or taxonomic name): Click here.

Pheromone database The Pherobase database of insect pheromones and semiochemicals: Click here.

Taxonomic database Names of genera and subgenera in Zoology from 1758 to 2004: Click here.

7. Threatened Species Status

Threatened invertebrates DoC threatened species classification: Click here.

8. Online Literature Sources

Entomology New Zealand Entomologist and The Weta: Click here.

Fauna of New Zealand: Click here.

Ecology New Zealand Journal of Ecology: Click here.

Royal Society of New Zealand journals (freely available from 1994 – 2002), including Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand (vol. 24 – 35 available online), New Zealand Journal of Botany (Vol. 1 – 43), New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics (vol. 37 –
48), New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research (vol. 1 – 39), New Zealand Journal of Zoology (vol. 21 – 32), New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research (vol. 37 – 48) and New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science (vol. 22 – 33): Click here.

Flora of New Zealand (vol. 1-5): Click here.

Agriculture Searchable database of Crop and Food Research publications since 1992: Click here.

Agricultural and Veterinary archives, including The New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, MAF (NZ) Surveillance, Vetscript, and six series of Proceedings from Special Interest Branch within the New Zealand Veterinary Association: Click here.

AgResearch publications online, including InTouch, AgResearch NOW and AgFacts: Click here.

NZ Plant Protection Society Journals (vol. 49-58; 1996-present, plus selected articles in earlier volumes): Click here.

Biodiversity and Conservation DoC Science and Research Publications, including ConScience newsletter, DOC Research and Development Series, DOC Science Internal Series, DOC Technical Series, and Science for Conservation: Click here.

Te Taiao – the Biodiversity newsletter: Click here.

9. Other digital resources

Butterflies Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust: Click here.

Insects on the Web AgResearch Educational Outreach: Click here.

Lincoln University Library Full list of natural resources databases: Click here.

Victoria University The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre (ETC), a free online archive of New Zealand and Pacific Islands texts, heritage materials, manuscripts and journals: Click here.

Science publications NZ SCIENCE (formerly called STIX and SIRIS), a userpays, electronic catalogue of New Zealand Science papers and reports by the DSIR, CRIs, and The Royal Society of New Zealand from 1980. NZ Science is part of the Superindex collection: Click here. (see also)

National Library New Zealand National Bibliography: Click here.

A wide range of digitisation initiatives at the National Library: including the EPIC database, a venture between New Zealand libraries and the Ministry of Education giving schools free access to 16,000 literature sources; Index New Zealand (INNZ), an index of New Zealand newspapers and almost 300 magazines about New Zealand and the South Pacific; Matapihi, a database of digital collections of some major New Zealand cultural organisations; Discover Te Kohinga Taonga, an online collection of New Zealand art and music; Te Puna Web Directory, providing access to New Zealand and Pacific Island websites; AnyQuestions, a nationwide Internet based reference service for New Zealand school students; Timeframes, an online database of heritage images from the Alexander Turnbull Library; Papers Past, a database of over 600,000 pages from 19th century New Zealand newspapers and periodicals: Click here. For EPIC database, Click here.

10. Other links

Insect Jewellery Jewel beetle: Click here.

11. Personal websites of society members

The Praise of Insects—Personal web log of Samuel Brown: Click here.