Bug signs

Outdoor signs about insects and other invertebrates are being developed by the Auckland Branch of the Entomological Society of New Zealand, in association with Metal Image Ltd.

The first four signs are Cabbage tree moth, Puriri moth, Pohutukawa leaf miner and Coprosma white erineum mite. The subjects of the second batch of four signs are Lacebark gall mite, Mahoe leafminer, Pittosporum psyllid and Poroporo fruit borer. All signs show the plant damage symptoms and lifelike drawings of the insect or mite. There is also a QR-code link to an internet factsheet with more information on each organism. The signs are available in two sizes, 100 x 200 and 194 x 294 mm.

The signs are available from Metal Image Ltd.

Cabbage tree moth, Epiphryne verriculata
Puriri moth, Aenetus viridescens
Pohutukawa leaf miner, Neomycta rubida
Coprosma white erineum mite, Phyllocoptes coprosmae
Lacebark gall mite, Eriophyes hoheriae
Mahoe leaf miner, Liriomyza flavolateralis
Pittosporum psyllid, Trioza vitreoradiata
Poroporo fruit borer, Sceliodes cordalis