George Gibbs—The morphological and genetic diversity of Orthodera novaezealandiae across New Zealand
Angelique Tavera—Extraction, identification and evaluation of the chemical cues and signals of “ngaro huruhuru” (New Zealand native bees) for use in managed crop pollination and species conservation
James Roberts (Forster Prize)—A scanning electron microscopy comparison of the feet of katipō (Latrodectus katipo), false katipō (Steatoda capensis), and redback (Latrodectus hasselti)

Kate Curtis—Lincoln University: PhD research on systematics of the Trite auricoma complex in New Zealand—$2600
Mari Nakano—Massey University: PhD research on herbivore–food-plant associations involving sympatric species of endemic New Zealand alpine grasshoppers—$850
Carolin Weser—Canterbury University:  PhD research on phenology and natural enemies of the paropsine beetle Paropsisterna cloelia in Marlborough—$3000 (Zondag prize)

Neil Birrell
Simon Connolly
Elizabeth de Jongh

Leslie Mann—Understanding paropsine defoliation variation within Eucalyptus species—$2000
James Tweed—Insect fauna of southern Carmichaelia—$1000
Inoka Suwandharathne—Potential impacts of increasing temperatures on biocontrol systems in New Zealand—$2000

Morgane Merien—In-field colour analysis of New Zealand stick insects—$1000
Emma Curtin—The Ecology of introduced dung beetles in the South Island: effects on soil, nutrients, and invertebrates—$1000

Cassandra Mark-Chan—Multifaceted deception in the North Island lichen moth, Declana atronivea—$1600
Rebecca Le Grice—Wrack ecology and biogeography of New Zealand’s kelp flies (Coelopidae)—$500
Heshani Edirisinghe—Comparing physiological hardiness of native and introduced ladybirds—$500

Leilani Walker—$1000
Erin Powell—$1000

Murray Fea—Behavioural ecology of cave weta reproductive strategies—$900
Melissa Griffin—Harem polygyny of the Auckland tree weta, Hemideina thoracica—$1000

Anna Probert—$900
Liam Kendall—$250
Jamie Stavert—$990

Cassandra Mark—Investigation of the antennal morphology of the springbox mantis (Miomantis caffra) through high-resolution microscopy—$1700

Shelley Myers—$1000
Briar Smith—$1000


Samuel Brown—Preparation of publication characterizing the weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) genera of New Zealand—$660

Melissa Griffin—Diet choices, gut and reproductive comparative anatomy of weta—$1000
Briar Smith—Hemiandrus maculifrons phylogeography and identification of cryptic species—$1000

Alexander Boast—Systematics of Caddis Flies—$900
John Leader—New Zealand Chironomidae—$500
Enrique Mundaca—Restoration Monitoring—$350
Shelley Myers—Hybrid Origin of Acanthoxyla—$750

Dave Clarke—Short-Range Endemism in New Zealand Euaesthetinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)?—$1120
Manpreet Dhami—Endosymbiotic microorganisms associated with the endemic black sooty scale Coelostomidia wairoensis (Hemiptera; Margarodidae).—$1000
Kohmei Kadowaki—Coexistence mechanism of mycophagous beetle community on the wood-decaying bracket fungi Ganoderma—$900
Romina Rader—Pollination study—$580

Mark Stevens—The biodiversity of New Zealand’s giant Collembola—$21 300
Esta Chappell—Phylogeography, morphology and reproductive behaviour of the Ground Weta, Hemiandrus pallitarsis—$1300

Lorraine Cook—The systematics and phylogeny of New Zealand cave weta (Rhaphidophoridae), with a particular emphasis on the genus Gymnoplectron—$600

Darren Ward—Seasonal abundance of exotic and native ants—$700

Lloyd Stringer—Determining factors for the successful invasion and subsequent effects of Monomorium sydneyense in Tauranga, New Zealand—$700
David Seldon—A revision, with cladistic and molecular interpretations of the cirvidens group of ground beetles within the genus Mecodema (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Broscini) along with reproductive and biogeographical considerations—$1000

Award not given

Rudi Schnitzler—Forest fragmentation: its impact on food webs and biodiversity in an urban environment. A study using Lepidoptera and Tachinidae—$900

Christopher Taylor—Systematics of New Zealand Palpatores—$800
Charlotte Hardy—The edge effect on arthropod communities in Rodney District forest fragments—$350
David Clarke—The effect of restoration and succession on invertebrate community dynamics on Tiritiri Matangi Island—$350

Russell Taylor—Longitudinal gradients in aquatic insect assemblages along glacier-fed rivers in Westland—$600
Philip Burge—Ecology and reproductive biology of the Raukumara tusked weta—$400
Graeme Ramsay—Establishing a sustainable colony of the stick insect Spinotectarchus—$250
Gabor Lovei—Completion of carabid beetle research in Manawatu forest fragments—$250

Philip Burge—Ecology and reproductive biology of the Raukumara tusked weta—$600

Steve Trewick and Mary Morgan-Richards—Ecology of tree weta at Mohi Bush, Hawkes Bay—$600
Wei Yong Jiang—Wing development and flight in Nysius huttoni (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)—$600
Philip Howe—Forest Coleoptera from lowland South Canterbury forest remnants—$200
J. Wynyard—Investigation of presence of pheromone communication in tree weta—$600

Ian Boothroyd—Microscope and flash to photograph new chironomid midge species—$1150
Gabor Lovei—Habitat movements of ground beetles in Manawatu bush areas—$950
John Clarke—Collection and mounting of holothyrid mites—$300
Corinne Watts—Somes Island fauna. Ongoing revegetation study—$600

Tania Waghorn—Population genetics of Heliothis armigera—$1000

Ian Townsend—Biological study of Mecodema species (Carabidae)—$600

Mary Richards and Steve Trewick—Distribution of tree weta in the North Island—$500
Tania Waghorn—Population study of tomato fruitworm (Heliothis armigera)—$700
Roy Harrison—Systematic study of Muscinae of New Zealand—$650
L. Irish—New Zealand trapdoor spider Cantuaria as a predator—$500

Carol Stewart—Visit to Brisbane to study alligator weed control—$800
Vanessa Munro—Native and pastoral invertebrate communities. Biological control—$600

Mary McIntyre—Two spring balances to use in field studies of giant weta—$220
Alan Eyles—Work on a new genus and species of Mirinae (Hemiptera: Miridae)—$600

V.B. Meyer-Rochow—Translation of papers about glow-worm biology into different languages—$250

Gabor Lovei—Carabid beetles in forest fragments of Manawatu—$500
A. Beauchamp—Deinacrida rugosa and speargrass weevil on Mana Island, Wellington—$260
A. Day—Effect of Ivermectin on dung decomposition and fauna—$150
A. Martin—Insecticide resistant genotypes in peach/potato aphid—$150
R. Newcomb—Insecticide resistance in the aphid Myzuz persicae (Hemiptera)—$640
Alan Eyles—Revision of the genus Chinamiris (Hemiptera)—$300

Auckland Branch—Construction of wetland walkway at Te Henga swamp—$800
Russell Death—Effect of disturbances on stream insect communities—$400
Olwyn Green—Drawing tube for Wild M3Z microscope. Partial cost—$700
Alan Eyles—Taxonomic study of the genus Rhypodes (Heteroptera) endemic to New Zealand—$200
Chris Jowett—Predation study of Mahoenui giant weta (Deinacrida sp.)—$500
Craig Millar—Continuation of study of melanism in moths—$300
Lindsay Chadderton—Comparison of freshwater fauna of Southland and Stewart Island

V.B. Meyer-Rochow—Glow-worm repsonse to vibrations of variable frequency—$200
Ian Boothroyd—Taxonomic and distribution studies of Chironomidae—$600
P. Waddell—Mating behaviour of hybrid Drosophila—$500
J. Overton—Reproductive behaviour of red and yellow admiral butterflies—$900
A. Clark—Development of electrophoretic methods to identify insect isozymes—$350
W. Pond—Production of classroom poster with Maori world of insects—$560

Pat Dale for Auckland Branch—Audiovisual presentation on introductory entomology—$250
Graham Geeves—Insect storage cabinet construction—$500
Craig Millar—Induction of melanism in two lepidopteran species—$790
Chris White—New Zealand tortricid moths. Genetics and taxonomy—$570

Auckland Branch—Construction of an elevated tree platform for insect study—$720
Chris White—Genetics and taxonomy of leafrollers—$804

T. McArthur—Electrophoresis for species identification of Wiseana—$450
Ian McLellan—Microscope for dipteran systematics work—$1000
Ian Boothroyd—Ecology and taxonomy of Chironomidae—$200
N. Deans—Project Raleigh research. Chile/New Zealand comparisons—$400
R. Newcombe—White butterfly wing pattern formation—$240
Otago Branch—Slide collection of moths of Otago—$600
Charles Watt—Study of New Zealand and related beetles in European institutions—$260
E. Cook—Production of small book with coloured insect illustrations—$150

V.B. Meyer-Rochow—Visual perception in cave harvestman Megalopsis—$300
R. Archibald and Brian Patrick—Flight patterns of Okawa Wiseana—$250
M. Kirman—Leaf litter Aradidae (Hemiptera) in Northland—$350
Charles Watt—Study of New Zealand and related beetles in USA institutions—$500
Auckland Branch—Store boxes and display boxes—$132

D. Russell for Auckland Branch—Continuation of bumblebee study—$150
Anthony Savill—New Caledonian tiger beetles—$500
A. Walker, C. Butcher and M. Hill—Beech scale on black beech—$300
L. de Betham Anderson—Population genetic study of grasshoppers—$475
J. Smith—Save our Snails Society. Placostylus ambagiosus conservation—$250

Ian McLellan—Collecting trip for Plecoptera systematics—$500
M. McLea—Collection of sandflies for study of cytogenetics of Simuliidae—$400
V.B. Meyer-Rochow—Transport of glow-worms to Japan for colour sensitivity tests—$246
D. R. Gibbs—Assistant for wandering spider (Uliodon) behaviour—$200
D. Russell for Auckland Branch—Bumblebee nest boxes for study—$200

Lyn Forster—Katipo spider biology—$600
Malcolm Foord for Dunedin Branch—Search for Prodontria beetles—$120
George Gibbs—Micropterigidae of New Caledonia. Field work—$450
John Grehan and W. Winstanley—Ghost moths and Odonata of New Caledonia—$450
W. Winstanley—Translation of Japanese papers and Uropetala carovei study—$300
Graeme Ramsay and Trevor Crosby—Reprinting Guide to New Zealand Entomology—$550

R. A. Tapper—Science student visit to Christchurch Entomological Research centres—$300
T. H. Davies—Malaise trap costs and pins—$150
Brenda May—Setting up home laboratory after retirement—$350
G. R. Sandlant—MSc Thesis. Travel costs—$250
Barbara Barratt for Dunedin Branch—Insects on stranded seaweed—$100
R. Archibald for Dunedin Branch—Insects at Trotters Gorge—$100
Peter Maddison for Dunedin Branch—Four light traps for survey—$116
P. L. Cary—MSc Thesis. Travel costs—$250
L. H. Field—Fees for training in intracellular electrode technique—$200

P. A. Burnett—Post-doctoral study costs. University of Illinois—$500
Philip Corbet—Dragonfly library research. University of Utrecht—$200
John Dugdale—Van hire on New Caledonian expedition—$270

J. R. H. Andrews—Epidemiology of Demodex and Sarcoptes—$250
A. D. Lowe—Photocopying Aphid literature—$250
Richard Rowe—Damselflies. Collection costs—$50
Ian Townsend—Carabid beetles (Trechinae). Collecting trip—$200
P. Jackson—Weta study. Rock and Pillar Range—$100
R. M. Roberts—Multichannel recorder for Hemideina research—$900
Auckland Branch—Fitzroy Bay, Great Barrier Island. Travel costs for survey—$300

Editor and Librarian—Reprinting New Zealand Entomologist Volume 1—$600
Standard Names Committee—Publication finance—$300

Pat Quinn—Purchase of microscope. Native bee study—$500
A. D. Lowe—Aphid research on USA visit—$300

Peter Johns—Extra time for study at British Museum—$150