Leslie Mann—Understanding paropsine defoliation variation within Eucalyptus species—$2000
James Tweed—Insect fauna of southern Carmichaelia—$1000
Inoka Suwandharathne—Potential impacts of increasing temperatures on biocontrol systems in New Zealand—$2000

Morgane Merien—In-field colour analysis of New Zealand stick insects—$1000
Emma Curtin—The Ecology of introduced dung beetles in the South Island: effects on soil, nutrients, and invertebrates—$1000

Cassandra Mark-Chan—Multifaceted deception in the North Island lichen moth, Declana atronivea—$1600
Rebecca Le Grice—Wrack ecology and biogeography of New Zealand’s kelp flies (Coelopidae)—$500
Heshani Edirisinghe—Comparing physiological hardiness of native and introduced ladybirds—$500

Leilani Walker—$1000
Erin Powell—$1000

Murray Fea—Behavioural ecology of cave weta reproductive strategies—$900
Melissa Griffin—Harem polygyny of the Auckland tree weta, Hemideina thoracica—$1000

Anna Probert—$900
Liam Kendall—$250
Jamie Stavert—$990

Cassandra Mark—Investigation of the antennal morphology of the springbox mantis (Miomantis caffra) through high-resolution microscopy—$1700

Shelley Myers—$1000
Briar Smith—$1000


Samuel Brown—Preparation of publication characterizing the weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) genera of New Zealand—$660

Melissa Griffin—Diet choices, gut and reproductive comparative anatomy of weta—$1000
Briar Smith—Hemiandrus maculifrons phylogeography and identification of cryptic species—$1000

Alexander Boast—Systematics of Caddis Flies—$900
John Leader—New Zealand Chironomidae—$500
Enrique Mundaca—Restoration Monitoring—$350
Shelley Myers—Hybrid Origin of Acanthoxyla—$750

Dave Clarke—Short-Range Endemism in New Zealand Euaesthetinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)?—$1120
Manpreet Dhami—Endosymbiotic microorganisms associated with the endemic black sooty scale Coelostomidia wairoensis (Hemiptera; Margarodidae).—$1000
Kohmei Kadowaki—Coexistence mechanism of mycophagous beetle community on the wood-decaying bracket fungi Ganoderma—$900
Romina Rader—Pollination study—$580

Mark Stevens—The biodiversity of New Zealand’s giant Collembola—$21 300
Esta Chappell—Phylogeography, morphology and reproductive behaviour of the Ground Weta, Hemiandrus pallitarsis—$1300

Lorraine Cook—The systematics and phylogeny of New Zealand cave weta (Rhaphidophoridae), with a particular emphasis on the genus Gymnoplectron—$600

Darren Ward—Seasonal abundance of exotic and native ants—$700

Lloyd Stringer—Determining factors for the successful invasion and subsequent effects of Monomorium sydneyense in Tauranga, New Zealand—$700
David Seldon—A revision, with cladistic and molecular interpretations of the cirvidens group of ground beetles within the genus Mecodema (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Broscini) along with reproductive and biogeographical considerations—$1000

Award not given

Rudi Schnitzler—Forest fragmentation: its impact on food webs and biodiversity in an urban environment. A study using Lepidoptera and Tachinidae—$900

Christopher Taylor—Systematics of New Zealand Palpatores—$800
Charlotte Hardy—The edge effect on arthropod communities in Rodney District forest fragments—$350
David Clarke—The effect of restoration and succession on invertebrate community dynamics on Tiritiri Matangi Island—$350

Russell Taylor—Longitudinal gradients in aquatic insect assemblages along glacier-fed rivers in Westland—$600
Philip Burge—Ecology and reproductive biology of the Raukumara tusked weta—$400
Graeme Ramsay—Establishing a sustainable colony of the stick insect Spinotectarchus—$250
Gabor Lovei—Completion of carabid beetle research in Manawatu forest fragments—$250

Philip Burge—Ecology and reproductive biology of the Raukumara tusked weta—$600

Steve Trewick and Mary Morgan-Richards—Ecology of tree weta at Mohi Bush, Hawkes Bay—$600
Wei Yong Jiang—Wing development and flight in Nysius huttoni (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)—$600
Philip Howe—Forest Coleoptera from lowland South Canterbury forest remnants—$200
J. Wynyard—Investigation of presence of pheromone communication in tree weta—$600

Ian Boothroyd—Microscope and flash to photograph new chironomid midge species—$1150
Gabor Lovei—Habitat movements of ground beetles in Manawatu bush areas—$950
John Clarke—Collection and mounting of holothyrid mites—$300
Corinne Watts—Somes Island fauna. Ongoing revegetation study—$600

Tania Waghorn—Population genetics of Heliothis armigera—$1000

Ian Townsend—Biological study of Mecodema species (Carabidae)—$600

Mary Richards and Steve Trewick—Distribution of tree weta in the North Island—$500
Tania Waghorn—Population study of tomato fruitworm (Heliothis armigera)—$700
Roy Harrison—Systematic study of Muscinae of New Zealand—$650
L. Irish—New Zealand trapdoor spider Cantuaria as a predator—$500

Carol Stewart—Visit to Brisbane to study alligator weed control—$800
Vanessa Munro—Native and pastoral invertebrate communities. Biological control—$600

Mary McIntyre—Two spring balances to use in field studies of giant weta—$220
Alan Eyles—Work on a new genus and species of Mirinae (Hemiptera: Miridae)—$600

V.B. Meyer-Rochow—Translation of papers about glow-worm biology into different languages—$250

Gabor Lovei—Carabid beetles in forest fragments of Manawatu—$500
A. Beauchamp—Deinacrida rugosa and speargrass weevil on Mana Island, Wellington—$260
A. Day—Effect of Ivermectin on dung decomposition and fauna—$150
A. Martin—Insecticide resistant genotypes in peach/potato aphid—$150
R. Newcomb—Insecticide resistance in the aphid Myzuz persicae (Hemiptera)—$640
Alan Eyles—Revision of the genus Chinamiris (Hemiptera)—$300

Auckland Branch—Construction of wetland walkway at Te Henga swamp—$800
Russell Death—Effect of disturbances on stream insect communities—$400
Olwyn Green—Drawing tube for Wild M3Z microscope. Partial cost—$700
Alan Eyles—Taxonomic study of the genus Rhypodes (Heteroptera) endemic to New Zealand—$200
Chris Jowett—Predation study of Mahoenui giant weta (Deinacrida sp.)—$500
Craig Millar—Continuation of study of melanism in moths—$300
Lindsay Chadderton—Comparison of freshwater fauna of Southland and Stewart Island

V.B. Meyer-Rochow—Glow-worm repsonse to vibrations of variable frequency—$200
Ian Boothroyd—Taxonomic and distribution studies of Chironomidae—$600
P. Waddell—Mating behaviour of hybrid Drosophila—$500
J. Overton—Reproductive behaviour of red and yellow admiral butterflies—$900
A. Clark—Development of electrophoretic methods to identify insect isozymes—$350
W. Pond—Production of classroom poster with Maori world of insects—$560

Pat Dale for Auckland Branch—Audiovisual presentation on introductory entomology—$250
Graham Geeves—Insect storage cabinet construction—$500
Craig Millar—Induction of melanism in two lepidopteran species—$790
Chris White—New Zealand tortricid moths. Genetics and taxonomy—$570

Auckland Branch—Construction of an elevated tree platform for insect study—$720
Chris White—Genetics and taxonomy of leafrollers—$804

T. McArthur—Electrophoresis for species identification of Wiseana—$450
Ian McLellan—Microscope for dipteran systematics work—$1000
Ian Boothroyd—Ecology and taxonomy of Chironomidae—$200
N. Deans—Project Raleigh research. Chile/New Zealand comparisons—$400
R. Newcombe—White butterfly wing pattern formation—$240
Otago Branch—Slide collection of moths of Otago—$600
Charles Watt—Study of New Zealand and related beetles in European institutions—$260
E. Cook—Production of small book with coloured insect illustrations—$150

V.B. Meyer-Rochow—Visual perception in cave harvestman Megalopsis—$300
R. Archibald and Brian Patrick—Flight patterns of Okawa Wiseana—$250
M. Kirman—Leaf litter Aradidae (Hemiptera) in Northland—$350
Charles Watt—Study of New Zealand and related beetles in USA institutions—$500
Auckland Branch—Store boxes and display boxes—$132

D. Russell for Auckland Branch—Continuation of bumblebee study—$150
Anthony Savill—New Caledonian tiger beetles—$500
A. Walker, C. Butcher and M. Hill—Beech scale on black beech—$300
L. de Betham Anderson—Population genetic study of grasshoppers—$475
J. Smith—Save our Snails Society. Placostylus ambagiosus conservation—$250

Ian McLellan—Collecting trip for Plecoptera systematics—$500
M. McLea—Collection of sandflies for study of cytogenetics of Simuliidae—$400
V.B. Meyer-Rochow—Transport of glow-worms to Japan for colour sensitivity tests—$246
D. R. Gibbs—Assistant for wandering spider (Uliodon) behaviour—$200
D. Russell for Auckland Branch—Bumblebee nest boxes for study—$200

Lyn Forster—Katipo spider biology—$600
Malcolm Foord for Dunedin Branch—Search for Prodontria beetles—$120
George Gibbs—Micropterigidae of New Caledonia. Field work—$450
John Grehan and W. Winstanley—Ghost moths and Odonata of New Caledonia—$450
W. Winstanley—Translation of Japanese papers and Uropetala carovei study—$300
Graeme Ramsay and Trevor Crosby—Reprinting Guide to New Zealand Entomology—$550

R. A. Tapper—Science student visit to Christchurch Entomological Research centres—$300
T. H. Davies—Malaise trap costs and pins—$150
Brenda May—Setting up home laboratory after retirement—$350
G. R. Sandlant—MSc Thesis. Travel costs—$250
Barbara Barratt for Dunedin Branch—Insects on stranded seaweed—$100
R. Archibald for Dunedin Branch—Insects at Trotters Gorge—$100
Peter Maddison for Dunedin Branch—Four light traps for survey—$116
P. L. Cary—MSc Thesis. Travel costs—$250
L. H. Field—Fees for training in intracellular electrode technique—$200

P. A. Burnett—Post-doctoral study costs. University of Illinois—$500
Philip Corbet—Dragonfly library research. University of Utrecht—$200
John Dugdale—Van hire on New Caledonian expedition—$270

J. R. H. Andrews—Epidemiology of Demodex and Sarcoptes—$250
A. D. Lowe—Photocopying Aphid literature—$250
Richard Rowe—Damselflies. Collection costs—$50
Ian Townsend—Carabid beetles (Trechinae). Collecting trip—$200
P. Jackson—Weta study. Rock and Pillar Range—$100
R. M. Roberts—Multichannel recorder for Hemideina research—$900
Auckland Branch—Fitzroy Bay, Great Barrier Island. Travel costs for survey—$300

Editor and Librarian—Reprinting New Zealand Entomologist Volume 1—$600
Standard Names Committee—Publication finance—$300

Pat Quinn—Purchase of microscope. Native bee study—$500
A. D. Lowe—Aphid research on USA visit—$300

Peter Johns—Extra time for study at British Museum—$150