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Draft programme






Welcome & Opening

Tai Tokerau

9.30 Chris Jenkins
10.15 Hori Parata

Morning Tea

11.30 Haami Piripi
12.15 Olly Ball Hopping madness: taxonomic troubles with terrestrial Talitridae of Tai Tokerau
12.30 Olwyn Green Two Orthopteran species recently established in Northland, New Zealand: Austrosalomona falcata (Tettigoniidae) and Pterapotrechus sp. (Gryllacrididae)
12.45 Olly Ball Observations on spider diversity in Tai Tokerau



2.00 Qing Hai Fan What bugs are knocking on New Zealand’s doors? An analysis of ten years of border interception data
2.15 Diane Jones Cryptotermes brevis (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae): – dealings with an illegal immigrant in New Zealand
2.30 Shaun Bennett Responding to Coptotermes acinaciformis detections in New Zealand
2.45 Lalith Kumarasinghe Enhancement of Biosecurity and Quarantine Services in Pacific Island Countries
3.00 Rudi Schnitzler Developing simplified identification guides for border control throughout the Pacific
3.15 Ecki Brockerhoff Effects of phytosanitary measures to reduce borer infestations of wood packaging materials and trends in interception rates of organisms associated with wooden items

Afternoon Tea

4.00 AH Gourlay Rearing insects:    Some personal insights
4.15 Alan Eyles Like fire, can computer technology be a good servant, but a bad master? A Referee’s experience with on-line reviewing
4.30 George Gibbs A strategy for revealing cryptic beasties: some thoughts on the value of emergence cages
4.45 Robert Hoare The Larger Moths of New Zealand image gallery and online guide

Poster Session: Wine & Cheese






Keynote Speakers

9.00 Malte Ebach DNA Barcoding is not Taxonomy and Identification is not Species Discovery
9.45 Matthew Symonds Tales of diversity among signallers and receivers: the evolution of insect pheromones and elaborate antennae

Morning Tea

Reproductive Ecology

11.00 Rebecca Bennik Sexual conflict among the lichen tuft moths.
11.15 Shelley Myers How clasper morphology relates to genetic and behavioural isolation in the New Zealand Stick Insect genus Clitarchus
11.30 Jessica Kerr The role of olfactory and visual cues in host finding by pine bark beetles and wood borers
11.45 Chrissie Painting The effect of density on alternative mating tactics in the New Zealand giraffe weevil
12.00 Rashmi Kant Effects of mate choice and mate density on mating success in Diaeretiella rapae (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae)
12.15 Greg Holwell Scramble competition and sperm competition in a sexually cannibalistic praying mantis



1.30 Anne Gaskett Fooling flies with dung mimicry: New Zealand & Tasmanian Splachnaceae mosses
1.45 Barbara Barratt The impact of fire on tussock grassland invertebrates
2.00 Catalina Amaya-Perilla Dragonfly (Anisoptera:Odonata) diversity from the northern Meta region of Colombia
2.15 Annette Evans Has the ecological importance of scale insects been neglected as a restoration strategy in New Zealand forest ecosystems?
2.30 Anne Tomlinson Impact of native and exotic millipedes on decomposition, nutrient cycling and puriri (Vitex lucens) growth rates in laboratory microcosms
2.45 Jamie Stavert Verdict of the Ultimate Poo Critics: Food Selection and Preference in Native New Zealand Dung Beetles

Afternoon Tea

Ecology & Biocontrol

3.30 Phil Lester Nematodes in the native bush ant Prolasius advenus
3.45 John McLean Who is looking after our entomological “canary” in the agrochemical coal mine?
4.00 Ronny Groenteman The challenges in demonstrating cause and effect in weed biocontrol: St. John’s wort as a case study
4.15 Gonzalo Avila Dispersal behaviour of the parasitic wasp Cotesia urabae Austin and Allen (Hymenoptera: Braconidae): a recently introduced biocontrol agent to fight the gumleaf skeletoniser Uraba lugens Walker (Lepidoptera: Nolidae) in New Zealand

Conference Dinner




Keynote Speakers

9.00 Louise Malone Insects as Ecosystem Service Providers
9.45 Jason Tylianakis Global change and ecosystem functioning: the interplay of biodiversity, environmental context, and networks of interactions

Morning Tea

Systematics and Evolution

11.00 Cor Vink Genetic variation in Moroccan specimens of Microctonus aethiopoides, a widespread weevil parasitoid
11.15 George Gibbs Fostering the French connection: Zealandian jaw-moth biogeography
11.30 Josephine Fitness New Zealand cave weta biodiversity (Rhaphidophoridae)
11.45 Briar Smith The distribution, phylogeography and morphology of the New Zealand ground weta, Hemiandrus maculifrons
12.00 Trevor Crosby New insights from re-examining labels and old specimens of the New Zealand black fly, Austrosimulium australense (Schiner) (Diptera:  Simuliidae)
12.15 Ian Boothroyd Invertebrates of geothermally influenced aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems: longitudinal and lateral linkages


Taxonomy & Systematics

1.30 Scott Hardwick The tick fauna of the New Zealand subregion: Recent additions, misidentifications and associated gaps in our knowledge
1.45 Prasad Doddala Tokoriro taxonomy – web tool
2.00 Shaun Forgie New Zealand’s endemic dung beetles (Coleoptera: Canthonini): what have we got?
2.15 Anuradha Sooda A novel fluorescence-based multiplex real-time PCR assay for rapid and simultaneous detection of leafminers
2.30 Robert Hoare

Concluding Address

3.00 Olly Ball

Prizes and Conclusion


Afternoon Tea




Curator’s Meeting