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We are running this survey to find out more about who our members are, what the society does that works well and what the society can do to help you more.

All responses are anonymous, and all questions are optional.

There are 2 parts. The first 5 questions are about the society, the next 4 questions are about the New Zealand Entomologist.

Please contact Anne Wignall ( if you have any questions.

The Society

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New Zealand Entomologist

The New Zealand Entomologist is the Entomological Society of New Zealand’s journal. We are committed to publishing high quality entomological research on the taxonomy, phylogenetics, biogeography, ecology, management and conservation of insects of New Zealand and Australasia. Please direct any feedback on the use of Editorial Manager to submit (or resubmit) your article to Jenny Jandt (Editor):
1. Have you submitted an article to NZ Entomologist in the past 3 years?