Insect collecting in New Zealand and the South Pacific

  • Detailed information about collecting invertebrates in New Zealand and the south Pacific: Click here


  • New Zealand topographic maps online: Click here
  • Shapefile of NZ area “Crosby” codes for recording specimen localities: Click here
  • DOC maps and geospatial services: Click here
  • DoC permits: Information on low- and high-impact collecting permits: Click here

New Zealand Flora

  • New Zealand Plant Conservation Network (NZPCN): Click here
  • Flora of New Zealand online: Click here
  • National Vegetation Survey database of indigenous and exotic plants: Click here
  • Nga Tipu Aotearoa – New Zealand Plants. Allan Herbarium collection database and literature search Click here

Taxon Records, Synopses and Keys

  • Landcare Research. List of databases: Click here
  • New Zealand ants: Click here
  • Orthoptera New Zealand grasshoppers: Click here
  • WetaGeta: A comprehensive guide to New Zealand Orthoptera: Click here
  • Terrestrial invertebrates of biosecurity concern: Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, biosecurity research on invertebrates, including important keys to the ants and mosquitoes of NZ: Click here
  • MAF watchlist of pests and diseases: Click here
  • Insects and mites on New Zealand native plants: Click here
  • Soil invertebrates Identification key: Click here
  • Fauna of New Zealand: Click here
  • Flora of New Zealand (vol. 1-5): Click here
  • Moths and Butterflies of NZ Trust: Click here